BARTER REPORT: Idea party helps writer mount a show in an ambulence!

This from Stacey Gottlieb, a writer who attended an Idea Party at Trade School that shifted her plans from cafe art to ambulance pop-up gallery in 10 minutes… and connected her to someone with an ambulance to make it happen!

…“Idea Party” seminar, where students harboring exhibition dreams were granted 10 minutes apiece to share their budding concept and have it vetted by the rest of the room.

Artist and curator Erin Marie Sickler was in charge of the two-hour round-robin and ran the event with remarkable aplomb. She also, upon hearing the story of the story-gone-off-the-rails-hoping-to-make-good-by-exhibiting-its-mural-map—possibly inside a rented U-Haul, alongside artist-made first-aid kits and other resuscitation-related goods—said something like: “I know a guy who knows a guy who’s got this ambulance…” and voila!,Team Member #2 was unwittingly born.

Team Member #2—aka Doctor A.—gets ready to start his shift in the therapist’s chair, in the belly of the ambulette.

Point of fact: the man with the ambulance-van was also an art-welder extraordinaire who, when contacted by Team Member #1 with less than one week to spare, was still wholly game for giving it a go. Under similar circumstances, the vehicle and percolating plan proved bait enough to bring gifted video-artist and graphic designer, Team Member #3, on board. And then, just one day (and one tube of reflective-lettering paint later): doctoral candidate and practicing clinician, Team Member #4, agreed to donate a few hours’ break from her Psych-E.R. rotation for The Cause. In sum: things were chugging along.

And then? Well, then the story proceeds quite well—starting with the decision to scrap all exhibition plans and let the clinic’s operation(s) speak for itself; novel therapies and a probing intake protocol quickly taking shape in its stead.

At the same time, the ambulance-owning art-welder toiled tirelessly to ensure the rusting ride would run; the A/V-guru assembled technologies old and new with which to document aired needs; and Team Member #3, the veritable clinician, fluffed her A-game for the off-the-clock rounds: arriving rarin’ to query the masses about how the day was making them feel. And then it was time.

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